Someone told me that the world is ending in 2012…. and of course I believed them. So I sold my things, rented out my place, packed my bags, left my job, my colleagues, and my dear friends. I plan to travel and eat my way through Asia and other places here and there.

Having worked non-stop since I was 16 and not having too many resources while growing up, I found it particularly difficult to leave everything behind (a well-paying job, my network, my friends, my family, stability, and comfort).  My thirst for travel and eagerness to learn about the world and different cultures pushed me to make this decision. My plan is to learn more about the world and become a better contributor. I also want to take this time to live a simple yet happy life and do all the things I never really made time for. Life can be quite fast-paced and we often forget to take a moment to ourselves.  I figured I would be working until I’m 50 or 60, so a few months to explore the world and myself shouldn’t be too harmful.

I want to profusely thank my family, friends (in Atlanta, Washington DC, and throughout the world), colleagues at EMM, and strangers I met along the way for showing nothing but support and encouraging me throughout my journey.


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Sounds Good!!!
    Keep on going…

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