My one-night stand with Tokyo

As I was making my way to France with a stopover in Atlanta to visit family and attend Erin’s wedding, my flight from Singapore to Tokyo was delayed. This made me miss my flight from Tokyo to the States.  An ordeal such as this usual comes with a great amount of frustration, instead I was beyond happy!

I am fortunate enough to have friends all over the world that I can call on and count on should anything happen.  About 4 years ago, I spent about 2 fun-filled weeks in Tokyo visiting a great friend of mine, Kyle.  He went above and beyond to show me the Tokyo he knew.  We karaoked (Lost in Translation style), attended a green tea ceremony, saw a Japanese opera, witnessed beautiful weddings and ate our way through the city.

This time I had about 24 hours in Tokyo.  I gave a ring to Kyle, and he came to my rescue!

Kyle took me to Kagurazaka, a French influenced part of Tokyo, and we ate at the most amazing garlic restaurant called Hajime No Ippo.

Every item on the menu had garlic in it… even the cocktails! We feasted on some mouth-watering food at the bar. I was most impressed by the jaw of tuna we shared.  It was almost a foot long!

The next morning I ventured out to the Tsukiji Fish Market.

After walking around the market for a while, I headed to a local sushi join next door.  I waited in line outside the sushi bar for 40 min. until I got seated at one of the 10 seats in the restaurant.  Let me tell you… BEST SUSHI I HAVE EVER HAD!  Every piece just melted in my mouth.

Thanks again Tokyo for an amazing time… perhaps we can see each other for a longer time.

(Kyle, you’re a great friend and an awesome host!!)


2 Responses to “My one-night stand with Tokyo”

  1. What a beautiful sushi braid! you take terrific food photos.

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