I have waited 3 years for you…

I put on my nice short black skirt, gold heels, a bright blue top that I purchased from Düsseldorf. I curled my hair, slap on some dangly earrings. I was ready for my date tonight! I first saw him on Anthony Bourdain or some other travel show about Singapore on the Travel Channel and that’s when I fell in love. Since I first laid my eyes on him, I waited patiently for 3 years to meet him. Tonight was the night.  I was finally going to sink my teeth in Singapore’s one and only famous Chilli Crab listed #35 of CNN’s 50 most delicious foods in the world.

My adventure started by scanning reviews after reviews for the best chilli crab in Singapore.  I narrowed down the list to Mattar Road Seafood Barbecue tucked away in a stall at the busy Old Airport Hawker Center. This stall is manned by an old man, who closes his shop 2 days a week just to prepare the buttery paste for the chilli crab. I took a taxi to the place and ran from stall to stall asking for the chilli crab man. Then when I finally found him, my heart sank.  He told me he had just sold his last crab and there it was slowly being devoured by a skinny little man with sauce all over his fingers and face.  I was devastated. No worries, I came with a back up plan!  I headed to No Signboard on a friend’s recommendation. I sat outside in the balmy heat and was informed that my crab would take a while to arrive.  I proceeded to order some delicious starters before the main star arrived.

And then out of the corner of my eyes with a tiger prawn coming out of my mouth… I saw him. It was like one of the movies where you see your loved one slowly approaching towards you with romantic music in the background. I may have cried a little… I am not sure…

The whole crab was peering out of a pool of red sauce flooded with crabmeat. The crab was incredibly fresh and juicy while the sauce was sweet, spicy and buttery all at once. I could not stop attacking yet.

I finally sat back in my chair exhausted and slowly mopping up the sauce with the last of the mantou buns noticing all the red splashes on my nice blue top… I thought it was all worth the long wait.


5 Responses to “I have waited 3 years for you…”

  1. Now I want to try that!!

  2. Great story! Youu really have the talent to write these things.

  3. Bij! this looks delicious!!! 😀 girl, someone hacked my old face and lost it, tried to added u but couldnt guess because we dont have common friends, addme if u get the chance 🙂 hope youre ok!! hugs!!
    ps.got a new look but still me 😛

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