The Tailor of Hoi An

I took a short flight from Hanoi to Hoi An (central coast of Vietnam) for one main reason only: tailored suits. I arrived late night and ran straight to Kimmy Tailor on a recommendation.  I had a few designs in mind and carried a couple of sketches with me.  Kimmy had a corner store with an inviting open-air shop with thousands of colored fabrics neatly organized throughout the store.  I sat down with Kimmy herself and we discussed my ideas.  She then helped me sketch out a 3-piece suite, a winter coat and a dress then proceeded to take precise measurements of my body for the next 20 minutes.

I was told to come back 2 days later for my second fitting.

Two days later, I went b back to the shop and Kimmy assigned a personal tailor who would work with me until I was satisfied with the end products.  I tried on my outfits and noticed that everything was a bit loose.  “Not to worry” said the tailor… After some more measurements, chalk marks, placement needles and more dialogue, I was told to come back the next day for my third fitting.

On the third fitting, things looked sharper and I was definitely satisfied. I then proceeded to pick out buttons to my liking, asked to widen the belt on my jacket and move its collar farther to the right. Kimmy’s team made sure that every request met my satisfaction.

Pick up day:  I tried on my outfits one last time and after my approval, my tailor put them in custom suit bags for me.

The best part is that Kimmy’s shop has my measurements on record and from now on, I can order anything I want with whatever fabric.  All I have to do is shoot her an email with the details and she will ship it over.

Many of my friends have their own tailors in Thailand, but to be honest, after speaking to a few people who live in SE Asia, I was told that Hoi An offers the best deals.  So if you happen to be in Vietnam, stop by Hoi An and find a tailor that will stay with you for life.  I recommend Kimmy’s and Yali’s (although slightly more expensive). Keep in mind that you should make time for at least 3 fittings.  Many tailors say that they can make you anything overnight but for a quality suit you need to have several fittings.

My goal was to have nice suits made in Hoi An but the best surprise was that I fell completely in love with the town itself.


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