Before Hangover Part Two…

… there was my birthday!

Balazs decided to join me in Bangkok for 2 days and took me to Sirocco at the Lebua Hotel for dinner, drinks and a little jazz music. This place was LATER made famous by the movie Hangover Part 2. Do you remember when they are on top of the building trying to negotiate the brother-in-law back?  Same place!

We later went to the not so fancy but equally fun night market to haggle for designer watches, bags, and clothes.  The night came to a conclusion with a tuk tuk ride through the quiet streets of Bangkok.

FYI: In France “Hangover Part 2” is called “Very Bad Trip two.”

Also, big THANK YOU to Greg for being such an amazing host in Bangkok!

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One Response to “Before Hangover Part Two…”

  1. Sounds like fun, btw Hangover 2 was hilarious but totally squelched any desire I had to travel to “Thigh” land.

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