It tastes like a pile of Kopi Luwak!

While visiting a coffee plantation in Bali, I had the wonderful pleasure of tasting the world’s most expensive “shit” coffee.  No seriously!  Kopi Luwak as it’s called is made from fermented coffee berries… how?  Well a weird cat/fox looking animal eats the coffee bean thinking that it is a berry.  The bean then gets fermented inside the animal’s stomach and collected by actual poo collectors.  The coffee then goes through the normal process of cleaning, sun drying, roasting etc…

In the US the coffee retails for $45 a cup.  I was lucky to have it for $5 on the plantation. The taste was nice, thick and bold but a little bitter for my taste.  I am not a coffee drinker so I wouldn’t know any better. I just wanted to say I had poo coffee… literally!


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