Does the story end or begin in Bali?

I just ended my accidental eat, pray, love journey.  I went to Italy a few years back and ate 2 -3 cups of gelato a day. Then last November and December made my way to Nepal to a yoga retreat over looking the Himalayas. I also prayed my way through the congested the streets of India, and now I have fallen in love with Bali.

I spent a week on this splendid island and carefully planned my trip so I would avoid the usual touristy areas of Kuta and Seminyak on the southwest coast.  I arrived late at night and headed directly north of the island to Lovina, a quiet Balinese village, known for its close location to Menjangan Island, a small island off the west coast of Bali with superb diving and snorkeling.  I woke up at 5AM to the sound of roosters, so I popped in my ear plugs to wake up somewhat refreshed for my 2 dives on Menjangan.  You can pretty much guess what happened next.  I wake up to LOUD knocks on my door.  I pop up, open the door and a little Balinese girl looks at me and says “diving?”.  I start asking her a million questions…. “What time is it? Am I too late? How long do I have to get ready?”. She replies…. “diving?”. So I got ready in 10 min. I shared a van with a Frenchman married to a Balinese, a Dutchwoman who completed 160 dives and 2 Québécois girls performing their last two dives for their PADI open water certification.

I am more comfortable with 2 consecutive dives as I am always somewhat apprehensive about the rental equipment, the divemaster and the underwater terrain.  On the second dive, I am more relaxed and enjoy myself much more.

My dives on Menjangan Island were splendid!  It was a wall dive (where you slowly descend against the sea wall and make your way down… most of the marine life centers on the wall.  I went 20 meters below surface but the wall extends down to 30 meters more.  I honestly need to learn to identify what I see underwater.  Saying “it was awesome! I saw lots of fish everywhere!” isn’t so impressive when speaking to other experienced divers. SO yes, I saw lots of fish and beautiful coral all around me!

After my underwater adventure, I came back to my guesthouse and enjoyed a delicious home cooked meal of Ikan Pepe, mashed up tuna mixed in basa gede (a basic spice paste) cooked inside a banana leaf which was picked from outside my room.

The next day, I went on a 3-hour journey to Ubud, Bali, a town known for rich Balinese culture and art.

My story of Bali has only just begun. Stay tuned… I will write more about my amazing time there!

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