An episode of “Lost” gone right

As I disembarked from my raft to the sands of Pulau Pangkil, Indonesia, I could not help but feel as if I was “rescued” from the hubbub of Singapore.

I started my journey with 30 minutes in a taxi, 1.5 hours on a ferry, 30 minutes on a bus, 30 minutes on a speed boat and 5 minutes on a raft to reach the private island of Pangkil. I cannot even begin to describe this island.  Words and pictures would not do it justice.  It is just a feeling that I will always have inside of me and a feeling that I will share with 40 others that spent time with me on the island.

The island can only be rented as a whole for about US$16,000.00 for the weekend. It includes 3 amazing Indonesian meals a day, snacks which appeared out of no where throughout the island, use of any of the bungalows, fresh water pool, beach furniture, use of sports equipment (kayaks, snorkels, sail boats, games…), an evening bonfire on the beach and transportation costs.  Splitting the cost with 40 people comes out to be a bargain for a private island with uniformed staff ready to make your stay memorable.

I was secretly hoping for a rainstorm so our ferry would be canceled.

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