Tioman Island, Malaysia

Just 5 hours away from Singapore, you will find the amazing blue waters of Tioman Island, Malaysia- 150 miles of coastline and around 450 inhabitants. There are no roads on the island so you can only get around by boat or trekking through the jungle.  People mainly come to this island for diving.

When I arrived, I was greeted at the Tioman jetty by a very smiley Malaysian named Aaron who showed me to the inn and offered me a nice refreshing glass of orange juice. This was a very last minute trip so accommodation was quite limited, but I was quite happy to have my own bungalow a few feet away from the beach for $50 a night. The dive shops in the village I was staying were all full for the weekend so the next day, I set off on a nice bike ride to the end of the village and ambitiously trekked to the jungle to get to the next town. While in the jungle, I encountered 4 monkeys and 2 3-ft water monitors.  Yikes! The trekking wasn’t all that bad.  At times, I had a beautiful view of the ocean from the top. As I finally arrived, I luckily found a dive shop that had a spot for me.  I was quite excited to complete 2 more dives after just receiving my certificate.  Funny, a 4.5 foot Malaysian lady was my dive master for the day.  We geared up on the boat and sailed for an hour before reaching a distant island off of Tioman.  The dives were incredible!  I saw HUGE beautiful sea fans and puffer fish and swam in the middle of a school of fish. I cannot begin to describe what it is like to be 60 feet below while looking up at an underwater cliff with the sun beaming down on you and seeing colorful fish and other marine life swimming all around you.  I can’t wait to go again!

After two very tiring dives, I speedily trekked back into the jungle while the sun was setting and hurried back to the inn where the house ladies were grilling a BBQ feast. It was divine and the food kept coming! I dined on grilled fish, squid, chicken, lamb, Malaysian rice and noodles, fresh cole slaw, watermelon, and a nice bottle of wine.  What an end to a perfect day of diving and feasting.


4 Responses to “Tioman Island, Malaysia”

  1. What s wonderful trip. I can only see it on my iPhone while I’m traveling but sm anxious to see the photos larger. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Bijal,loved your article. Sounds like a wonderful place to visit. Hope you are well. I am Kristen’s mom.

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