Welcome to Singapore

So I have been here for close to 2 weeks now.  How shall I describe it… warm, humid, super clean, tropical rain, lush greenery, very nice people, international, modern architecture and FOOD FOOD FOOD everywhere!!!!!!!!!  Malaysian, Indonesian, Thai, Indian, Korean, Chinese, Italian, French, spicy crab, black pepper crab, egg tart, ipoh hor fun, ban mian, chicken rice, BBQ sting ray, goreng pisang, fish ball noodles, yong tau foo  don’t even cover it.  Food stalls after food stalls, food centers, hawker centers, wet markets, cooking classes, food books, food magazines, it does not stop! Eating and shopping is a national pass time here! Last week I went to the Ion Food Opera at Ion Orchard.  One can find 22 food stalls, from Laksa to pigs in a crepe. I was so overwhelm that I took 40 minutes to circle around… and circle around again before I decided on my choice of spicy Laksa noodle soup.

Laksa and coconut water

To help me in my food adventure, I recently purchased two books: There is no Carrot in Carrot Cake which beautifully illustrates 101 hawker dishes with detailed descriptions (highly recommend this to anyone visiting Singapore or Malaysia or to any expats) and Makansutra known as the Zagat or Michelin guide to Singapore’s food stalls and restaurants.

Other than gorging myself with food any chance that I can, I have been making my way to the some of the neighborhoods throughout Singapore admiring the diverse architecture and learning more about the many cultures that make up Singapore.


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  1. This makes me hungry!

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