Diving & other adventures in Curaçao

So I finally passed my PADI Open Water certification with The Dive Bus.  Boy was it hard (well more mentally than anything else).  I really did not think I would make it.  I was most freaked out about having to take off my mask 30 feet under water, replacing it on my face and clearing the water out.  I could not even do the task in shallow water thus was not able to complete my second dive on day 2.  That night, my good friend John jumped into his pool in the rain so we could practice mask clearing.  The pool was freezing cold and I refused to jump in. Filled with guilt, I went to the ocean the next morning at 7:30AM and started practicing by myself.  I had to do it for John =)! The experience wasn’t so bad. I just needed to mentally prepare myself.  I used some visualization techniques that Dui (my former yoga teacher) taught me before I completed the task.  Fortunately, I also had a GREAT instructor (Andy).  He was quite patient and encouraging. So now I am certified to dive 18 meter/60 feet and I can’t wait to get started when I am in Asia!

John (an international teacher and my old college buddy) and Lauren (John’s friend) took me to the west side where we explored many beaches and jumped off a 40 foot cliff straight into the ocean. The culture in Curaçao is quite relaxed and not many people are in a hurry to get anywhere.  After spending a few days there, I wondered what I should do next in my life.  I met many international teachers that moved to different countries every 2 years or so to explore the world.  They get summers off to pursue other activities, usually more traveling, DJing, or scuba diving.  I also met scuba instructors that have traveled the world and have explored the depth of the ocean from Honduras to Malaysia. Or take Josephine, owner of Yoyo’s chicken, who spends her evenings feeding the masses with her delicious chicken wings (just don’t go knocking on her door at 1AM drunk asking her to cook for you). What a life… They all seem at peace and happy.


2 Responses to “Diving & other adventures in Curaçao”

  1. What did you visualize?

  2. You just close your eyes and picture the whole process in your mind before actually doing it.

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