Off to Curaçao for some diving!

Many of you know that I once was on a swim team and helped coach it, too. I was a lifeguard and a sailor. I have loved water all my life. What many of you don’t know is that I am also afraid of water, especially the ocean! Despite that, I’m taking a stab at diving for the first time while I am in Curacao.  This should be interesting. Stay tuned!


3 Responses to “Off to Curaçao for some diving!”

  1. I didn’t know you are a water person, Bijal. Cool, you are. That’s why I’m in San Diego – to surf almost daily in the ocean! It’s really quite gentle if you study it and are aware of when and when not to go in and you are careful. Breath deeply and enjoy, don’t worry. Take another lifeguarding course. Not nearly as risky as accelerating onto the freeway in your “little douce coupe,” or whatever automobile you like! Have fun over there, sounds like you are squeezing the most out of life! Nagyon jo! Tib

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